How Monday Motorbikes is Revolutionizing Urban Transportation

What are the three biggest ways the M1 is revolutionizing urban transportation?


When you live in a dense, urban setting, getting from point A to point B involves a lot of side tracked excursions. Perhaps you have to catch a second bus. Or you have to walk for blocks from the bus stop to your final destination. Those who commute by car know the hassle of finding free parking; you have to circle the neighborhood for the umpteenth before you can find an open spot. That’s not the case with Monday Motorbikes where the fastest way from point A to point to point B is the M1. Park it wherever you would park a bicycle. Get there 5 times faster than you would on your bicycle. With 1000 watts and a sweet design, you can climb the steepest of San Francisco hills and look stylish while passing up sweaty cyclists.

Downhill M1 riding


The M1 is a technological advancement for the industry. Use your phone to turn your motorbike on. Or use any of the buttons to create a unique password. This custom password inhibits theft. But what if someone just scoops up the motorbike? No worries! The M1 is connected to the cloud, so unlike the iPhone, it is always trackable, even when it’s off.

M1 Dash

3. Throwing Away the Throw Away Culture

Not only is going electric cheaper ($0.21 for a full charge), but also environmentally responsible. The M1 is an environmentally friendly motorbike made to withstand the test of time. It’s easy to monitor the bike’s productivity. The entire bike is connected to the cloud. For instance, data on the battery’s performance is stored in the cloud so you can see your battery life from wherever you are. The M1’s specially designed battery is structured so that if a cell losses efficiency, it can be replaced. This way the battery doesn’t have to be thrown away. Instead, the battery is restored to full power, and the environment is saved from one more piece of trash piling up in the landfills. Repairs are easy and saving the environment just became easier.

M1 Tech Specs

The M1 was designed for everyone. Monday Motorbikes Founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Nathan Jauvtis says, “If you can ride a bicycle you can ride the M1.” When you want a powered two-wheeler with style that can go anywhere a bike can, you go for the M1. With a mid drive motor, you have the feeling of a riding a lightweight motorcycle without the hassle. Stop worrying about parking spots, gas prices, and registration. None of that is needed to drive the M1 motorbike. No license needed. No bike lock. No worries. Just a joyride.

Charlie Schock