Monday Motorbikes Brings Additional Leadership with Chris Rohe


Monday Motorbikes Brings Additional Leadership with Chris Rohe


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San Francisco, California – May 29, 2017 – Monday Motorbikes (“Monday”), known for their award-winning electric motorbike, is pleased to announce the addition of the current President of the Board for the National Advanced Mobility Consortium, Mr. Chris W. Rohe (Major, USAFR), as President of Government and International Affairs of Monday Motorbikes.


“Chris’ enthusiasm, knowledge, and integrity are few key components that make him perfect for the company as Monday moves into market expansion,” said CEO and Co-Founder Josh Rasmussen.

Prior to joining Monday, Mr. Rohe is a top graduate of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), Georgetown Universities Fund for American Studies (TFAS) and holds a Master’s Degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (HKS).  He has served for over 17 years as an Acquisitions Officer in the Government, Led Business Development and Strategy for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Systems Advanced Programs Division for six years, is a certified general contractor in the state of Florida, held the position as Vice-President and also Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer for two minority-owned defense contractors and recently stepped down from his role as Co-Founder and Senior Vice President for Strategy for Stryke Industries to assume this leadership position following a 3 month active duty stint at Eglin, Air Force Base for the 96th Range Group in Florida.  Mr. Rohe is a thought leader in the area of commercializing the way the government does business; painstakingly positioning himself to uniquely accelerate “leap-ahead” solutions in all areas.

“Personally, and professionally I am very humbled and honored to step into this important critical leadership position of a company that could not be better aligned with my fundamental core values as a professional,” Chris stated.  “I am extremely passionate about the mission of Monday and its ability to rapidly transition new, novel and transformative solutions to the urban mobility challenge globally and those that educate, protect, serve and defend our great nation.  I look forward to leveraging the solid foundation built by the Monday Executives, core team and leadership before me”

“After an exhaustive search, aligning our team with Mr. Rohe speaks directly to the success and vision of Monday,” said Dr.  Nathan Jauvtis, Founder, and Chief Scientist.  “The leadership views this as an investment in Monday’s future and we are grateful to have someone of Mr. Rohe’s caliber in the role.  I could not be more pleased with our team and where we will go collaboratively together to effect change globally,” Jauvtis continued.

Mr. Rohe also serves an Admission’s Liaison Deputy Director for USAFA in Florida and as President of several alumni committee organizations to include Harvard and Georgetown University.  Chris currently resides in Destin, Florida with his 4 children, Brooks, Leah, Beckham and Libby and will also hold an office in San Francisco and New York City.

In recognition of this announcement, and in honor of Memorial Day, Mr. Josh Rasmussen, (Co-Founder and CEO) and Dr.  Nathan Jauvtis (Co-Founder and CTO) have extended an offer to all veterans, those currently serving and spouses and parents of service members a free Monday Motorbikes helmet and gloves with a deposit on the M1.

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