$250 Deposit - Generation 7 Reservation

$250 Deposit - Generation 7 Reservation


Pre-order the Monday Motorbikes Generation 7 motorbike now with a $250 deposit, and get it for the full price of $4,800. (Upgrade to a $1,000 deposit now, and get your motorbike for a full price of only $4,500!) Your $250 deposit gets you a spot in the production queue. Your balance of $4,550 will be collected within 30 days of your estimated delivery date! Pre-orders/deposits are fully refundable.

A purchase of the Generation 7 motorbike includes:

  • 1 battery pack

  • 1 smart charger

  • 2 key fobs

  • 1-year unlimited mileage warranty

Not included:

  • Accessories like passenger footpegs and rearview mirrors (may be purchased separately)

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This feels very different than I thought it was gonna feel. It feels very safe and solid. I feel like you’re not on a bicycle or something like that—you’re on a real machine!
— Rogger A., Weston, CT
I like that it’s a quiet alternative to a motorcycle, with the added bonus of not needing a license or anything else!
— Carlos L., Fontana, CA
I like that it’s more than just a bicycle with an electric motor–it’s more an electric motorcycle with pedals. That, and it dodges all the restriction a motorcycle has!
— Tyler K., Wyoming, MI


Regenerative  Braking

Rear brake collects your kinetic energy and charges your batteries as you slow down

Improves range

Takes the guesswork out of braking


Ultra Low Maintenance

No oil to change, no brake fluids to drain

No spark plugs

No timing belts and no brakes to replace

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