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The Most Desirable Electric Motorbike is Now Shipping!


Patented Batteries

  • Up to 100 mile range

  • Charge at any wall outlet

  • Advanced lithium chemistry

  • Quick release: no keys required

  • Average lifespan of 5-8 years

Patented Drivetrain

  • Twist the throttle and go

  • No gears to shift

  • No clutch to grab

  • Independent pedal and motor drive

  • Smooth, balanced ride

Brushless DC Motor


Intuitive dash

  • Real-time feedback on power consumption

  • Keyless: user-programmable password 

  • USB port for mobile device charging

  • Switch between Sport and Economy Modes with the push of a button

Ultra Low Maintenance

  • No oil to change, ever

  • No spark plugs

  • No vibration

  • Motor rated for over 200,000 miles

Regenerative braking

  • Rear brake collects your kinetic energy and charges your batteries as you slow down

  • Improves range

  • Takes the guesswork out of braking

  • Use brake pads less and ride more


Say No To Compromises

- Do you want excitement or convenience?
- Speed or efficiency?
- Stamina or style?

You choose: "All of the Above"


Watch the Monday Motorbikes Gen 7 in its final Quality Control phases!

We take pride in our craftsmanship and Quality is on the Top of our List!


I LOVE MY BIKE SO MUCH. Been riding it every day since I’ve received it. Haven’t taken photos with it because I just been too excited that I can’t stop moving around for even a selfie! I will once I finally start to settle down. It’s such a blast & worth the wait!
— Jeii K.
What I like about the GEN7 is that it is everything I’ve ever dreamed about in a bike!
— Eric T.
[...], this bike is an amazing machine and the team building it put love and attention into every inch of this thrill ride. [...] They make me feel like family.

I understand now that delay was only in my best interest to ensure I received the best possible product.

Thank you, Monday, for bringing your vision to life and honoring it with your continued passion. I absolutely love this bike.
— Kyle G.
It’s the best, most well-designed, stylish, efficient, ergonomic bike in the world... AND ITS BLACK!
— Daria B.

Monday Funday

Settle in the saddle, twist the throttle, and you're off

Up to 45 mph in Sport Mode

No clutch, no shifting, no worries

No license and registration required

I work full-time at Tesla and I love the idea of a fully electric urban transport for commuters
— Kris E.

Take Charge

One charge gets you around your city, with miles to spare

Regenerative braking charges your battery while you ride

After a full day of riding, plug it into any standard outlet

Removable battery makes it a snap to charge anywhere and extend your range

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