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Say No To Compromises

- Do you want excitement or convenience?
- Speed or efficiency?
- Stamina or style?

You choose: "All of the Above"


Patented Batteries

  • Up to 50 mile range

  • Charge at any wall outlet

  • Advanced lithium chemistry

  • Quick release: no keys required

  • Average lifespan of 5-8 years

Patented Drivetrain

  • Twist the throttle and go

  • No gears to shift

  • No clutch to grab

  • Independent pedal and motor drive

  • Smooth, balanced ride

Brushless DC Motor


Intuitive dash

  • Real-time feedback on power consumption

  • Keyless: user-programmable password 

  • USB port for mobile device charging

  • Switch between Sport and Economy Modes with the push of a button

Ultra Low Maintenance

  • No oil to change, ever

  • No spark plugs

  • No vibration

  • Motor rated for over 200,000 miles

Regenerative braking

  • Rear brake collects your kinetic energy and charges your batteries as you slow down

  • Improves range

  • Takes the guesswork out of braking

  • Use brake pads less and ride more

Pre-Orders are Fully Refundable

Watch the Monday Motorbikes Gen 7 on the streets of LA


The M1 is just what I was looking for; An electric bicycle with motorcycle sensibilities that has all the power to handle the terrain of a challenging city like San Francisco. The M1 is the fastest way to get point to point in the city while costing a fraction of what a motorcycle costs to operate, and turning heads in the process.
— Jordan A.
What I like about the M1 is that it is everything I’ve ever dreamed about in a bike!
— Eric T.
Vintage and modern come together.
— Jacob M.
It’s the best, most well-designed, stylish, efficient, ergonomic bike in the world... AND ITS BLACK!
— Daria B.
Monday Funday 1-0.jpg
I work full-time at Tesla and I love the idea of a fully electric urban transport for commuters
— Kris E.
Monday Motorbikes - Take Charge

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