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Mondays Have Never Looked This Good!

The thrill of a motorcycle. The ease of a bicycle.

The timeless style of your favorite pair of jeans.

We're putting the ON back into Monday.


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All Electric

Up to 100 mile Range

45 mph Top Speed (2 Modes)

No License or Registration Required

Patented Drivetrain

RFID enabled

Removable battery

Space for two (350 lbs max.)




Anyone Can Ride

Smart (Freshest Technologies Included)

Convenient (No License or Registration Needed)

Clean (All Electric Motorbike)

Fun (Feel like riding motorcycle with the ease of a bicycle)

The M1 is just what I was looking for; An electric bicycle with motorcycle sensibilities that has all the power to handle the terrain of a challenging city like San Francisco. The M1 is the fastest way to get point to point in the city while costing a fraction of what a motorcycle costs to operate, and turning heads in the process.
— Jordan A.
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Ride All Day

Crush Your To Do List

Save Time Commuting

Spend More Time Doing What You Love To Do


Old School Design Combined With New School Tech to Build Smart, Clean, and Convenient All Electric Motorbikes.

"So. Much. Fun."

- Everyone, Everywhere

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