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Things people ask


How Much Does the GEN7 cost?

You can purchase the GEN7 with a set of batteries, smart charger, and a 1-year tip to tail warranty for $4,500.  You can also reserve the GEN7 for $250 today.  Delivery is an additional cost and accessories can be purchased through the website.

How fast does it go?

To meet Federal electric bicycle regulations, Economy Mode is tuned to 750 Watts for a top speed of 20 mph. For off-road use only, engage Sport Mode to reach speeds of 45 mph.

How far can it go?

In Economy Mode and cruising at 20 mph on a bicycle path, the GEN7 can travel up to 70 miles on a single charge and without the need to pedal, unlike most electric bicycles. For the adventurous (and for off-road use only), activate Sport Mode for a thrilling ride for 40-50 miles.

How do I charge it?

Just like a laptop, simply plug the charger into any standard wall outlet and into your bike.

If you live in an apartment and don’t have a garage, easily remove the batteries with the theft-resistant quick-release, lock your bike outside, and charge your batteries inside using our off-bike charging adaptor. In 5 hours or less, you have a fully charged set of batteries.

No license required?

Correct! The GEN7’s Economy Mode is limited to a top speed of 20 mph and 750 watts to comply with Federal electric bicycle regulations. Each state may have its own restrictions which you can view here.

Monday Motorbikes requires our users to be at least 16 years old and wear helmet to ride the GEN7. No license or registration required.

What do I do if I run out of batteries?

If you run out of batteries, you can always pedal home. The GEN7 is set with an "Energy Reserve" that allows you to get an additional 2 miles, if you need it.

How long do the batteries last?

Just like a Tesla, our patented batteries will last 5-8 years before holding 80% of their original energy capacity.

What is the maintenance schedule?

Just like with a bicycle, periodic chain, brakes and tire maintenance are required. The GEN7 is smart enough to know when it is time to perform routine maintenance. Unlike vehicles with internal combustion engines, the vibrations that the GEN7 experiences are far less, so nuts and bolts don’t loosen over time. With no oil to change or valves to adjust, the GEN7 saves you even more money.

I've never ridden a motorcycle, will I be able to learn?

If you can ride a bicycle you can ride an GEN7. We have people who have never twisted a throttle as well as experienced motorcyclists hop on and effortlessly ride away.

You design your own batteries? 

Yes! We design our batteries from the cellular level to ensure that you and the GEN7 have the latest and most advanced battery technology.

How does the GEN7 handle rain?

The GEN7 performs well in rain. Just as with a bicycle or a motorcycle, extra caution must be used for safety and maneuverability. 

Where is the GEN7 built?

Monday Motorbikes designs and assembles all of their motorbikes in Los Angeles, California.  We have partnered with manufacturers all over the world to make the GEN7 more affordable than ever.  Quality is of the utmost importance to us. Every partner uses processes that were developed by the Monday Motorbikes team. Schedule a test ride HERE.

What does the 1-year warranty cover?

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects.

Parts with damage due to abuse or misuse are not covered. As an GEN7 owner, we provide technical support and consultation even if something happens out of warranty. Our Monday Motorbikes Family is important to us. Common wear items are not covered under warranty, such as tires.

This warranty is transferable.

I'm tall. Will this work for me?

We’ve had people as tall as 6'9" ride an GEN7. If you’re shorter than that, the GEN7 is perfect for you. The seat was designed for riders between 5'1" - 6'7". The taller you are, the sportier the ride position.

I'm short. Will this work for me?

We have had 4'10" riders hop on the GEN7 and feel comfortable. The GEN7 is light enough to be comfortably managed by a smaller person. We suggest riders are at least 5'0" to ride.

Is there a weight limit?

The GEN7 accommodates 2 riders or up to 350 lbs. Passenger pegs are sold separately through our website.

What about theft?

There is no substitute for good judgment, and that includes where you lock your GEN7. Nothing is theft-proof but we can slow thieves down. When locking outside, we recommend a Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1090. Simply lock your GEN7 to a bicycle rack as you would a regular bicycle, and your GEN7 should be right where you left it when you return.

Can I customize my GEN7?

Today we follow the Henry Ford motto - You can have any color as long as it's black. If you have specific request, please contact us directly... we want to hear from you!